• Commodities

    With a wealth of international expertise and strong trading partners, the United Alliance commodities team has been very successful at unlocking value in challenging markets.  We trade commodities as both principals and on behalf of private clients and are renowned for our stringent due diligence processes and procedures.

  • Mining

    Building on the success and knowledge of its commodities operations, United Alliance is now actively involved in structuring and financing mining deals, with a particular focus on South Africa.  This vertical integration benefits all of our partners throughout the supply chain.

  • Media

    United Alliance has a strong media pedigree and partner network, with a particular focus on publishing.  One good example of this is our forthcoming magazine - The Commodity Journal.

  • Environmental Projects

    Combining principle with profit, United Alliance is actively pursuing environmental investments and product development.  In particular, we look to ensure that our real estate and commodity supply chains are as environmentally efficient as possible; usually this also translates into higher long term profit margins.