About Us

United Alliance is a strategic investment and advisory firm that brings global presence and expertise to a variety of asset classes and industry sectors.

With a strong reputation for professionalism and integrity, we utilise our unparalleled international network and expertise to unlock investment value in various industry sectors, including commodities, mining, media, and the environment.

From a functional perspective we act both as principals and advisors at any point of the investment and business cycle, from start up to disposal.  Essentially, we identify, structure and execute business and investment opportunities in our specialist industry sectors.  We are opportunity led and flexible.

Our current portfolio includes clients and projects in New York, London, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and North Africa.

Our management team has very significant international experience of both organic business development and deal making across our chosen sectors.  This management team also enlists the help, where beneficial, of our extensive strategic partner network.  Our alliances help us to undertake extensive due diligence, allocate appropriate resources, and execute opportunities efficiently and with precision.